The Road Trip Part 1

We had left for our Texas 2010 trip a day early so we could SURPRISE the family.

Ready kids, smile. Say Me-Maw (Heavens word for Grandma)

No wait mom...

I need my glasses!!

OK now I'm ready..CHEESE

The kids sitting so close wasnt our smartest idea..3 hours in


( Heaven crying)

Me-John stop the car

TJ wishing he could steal Heavens toy

Watching the mountains and having her ears pop must have made Heavens belly upset cause she got sick like the exorcist 2 times

This is her at 2am still wide awake getting her puked cleaned. At this point John gives in and says we will getting a motel.

This motel was something out of a scary movie. Cheap Hooker Motel should have been the correct name for it, even the kids were questioning it. I was so scared I made John sleep w/ Heaven

I wake up a couple hours later and it's daylight, I walk outside and look around b/c it was super dark when we got there and we are in the middle of nowhere w/ a big scary "children of the corn" field behind us. Sorry no pic of that but my husband keeps telling me he's gonna go back and leave me there w/ "Maliki"-(ring leader of Children of the

We only stayed in the hooker motel for a couple hours so Heaven didnt get much sleep so once we got in the car she passed out

I was able to snap one picture of the state signs and it was

Maybe it was the scary bridge it was on or that my cousin Cari's favorite song "Margarita-ville" was on the radio but I tried in every state and only got this one

I'll assume this is what happens when you throw a cigarette out the window down South

This is me not on the road trip but I liked the

After a long drive and AWESOME kids, hooker motels, forest fires we had finally made it. We told Johns family we were heading in to Kentucky when we were a couple hours away from them in Texas so when we got there they were uber excited

I'm sure the ride home will be crazy, were on Day 3 here and I have plenty more to share, thanks for reading


cfoxes33 said…
Sounds like quite an adventure.
Dazee Dreamer said…
HAHAHA. Hooker hotel in the Children of the Corn field. :)
sara said…
I'm impressed that you all made it. I think you missed an opportunity with the hooker could have picked up some extra bucks for the trip...
Salt said…
Poor Heaven. I've been known to puke like the exorcist on car rides also.

Glad you guys made it safely away from the Cheap Hookers of the Corn motel!
Letherton said…
I stumbled across your blog and wanted to say hi.
Take a minute an check my blog out if you haven't already.
I have lots of great giveaways going on.
Thanks :)
cheri said…
now, that's an adventure. i keep seeing you on blog hops and i have no idea why i havent followed you.

now, i'm a follower :)
Kim said…
I'm here from FF and I have to say that I have been in that hotel! Well maybe not the exact one but I've found it's twin in NC! It was scary! Glad I found your blog. LOVE IT! Following now.

Happy FF!

The Misplaced Midwesterner