The sh*t I shouldve said- vacation

The rocks at Turner Falls- very slippery and you will possibly fall. I fell on my ass 3 times

Dont keep on trying to make your husband take self pics

cause they will look like these

If your crazy enough to take your 2 year old to a Science Museum leave her crazy butt w/ the group and head to the nearest fountain

( sooo nice and quiet and no one even knows I'm gone)

If you are Facebooking in public someone will get it on camera

If your kid sees a pink helmet they will want to wear it all day

This is my Father In Law pretending to ride a bike

If your trying to take pics of people, get the delay off your camera so they dont look like this (thanks holly)


Salt said…
Princess dress AND a pink helmet? I love her style!

Much the same result when I get my husband to take self portraits with me.
Maureen said…
Hahaha the pictures are awesome really! Your princess and the helmet is too cute!
sara said…
Ecery Princess needs a good helmet. You never know when you'll have to defend yourself from an invading army.
Chara Lynn said…
Cant let my kidlet see your daughters fashion sense, she will be following it as soon as she sees it. HA! Love the post.
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Stay Fabulous
Free2bMommy said…
I would freaking wear that kickass helmet all day too!!

The first pick looks sooooo refreshing! It is soooo hot here in Houston!!!

Great pics!
Julee said…
Nice pictures.
I'm follower #302, your newest follower from Welcome Wednesday.
A 2 Z said…
I'm your newest fan. I love your last post. I will read your older ones later. Thanks for sharing.

Design it Chic said…
Seems like you had fun anyway:)
I am now following you thanks to Welcome Wednesday and it would be nice if you could share back the love here!
Happy Welcome Wednesday!
Dont get me started on taking pics of the hubby !! My pics turn out the same or worse actually..whats up with men and photos?!!

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