Spicy Chicken Pitas

We found something new to try b/c we were sick of the same ole dinners. It's been a long time since I've had a pita so we searched some recipes then made our own.


Chicken 1lb
Pita Bread
Green Pepper
Red Pepper
Mushrooms (optional)
Crushed Red Peppers
All Purpose Seasoning
Red Hot
Cajun Seasoning 
Garlic Powder
Cayenne Pepper


Cut Chicken into pieces

Cut up Onions, Both Red and Green Pepper and Mushrooms

Put butter in pan and cook the Mushrooms

Cook Chicken in Skillet over Med Heat and mix in Seasoning

Once Chicken is fully cooked mix in veggies

Heat up Pita and top w/ cheese and hot sauce

Thanks to Hubby for dinner


Free2bMommy said…
that looks good, but I hate cutting chicken! Its like one of those things!! ITs fine to cook with, but if I have to cut it raw, sends shivers down my spine!! haha! Seriously!
crisc23 said…
LMFAO I feel the same way that's why my husband cooks it, I do the things like freezing pudding..haha
These sound really good! I'm visiting from Mailbox Monday. I already follow you.