What I Meant To Say


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 What I said: Please dont get him something to big, he doesnt do well w/ sugar

What I meant to say: If you bring him back on a sugar high and he wakes the kids up,  I will run away and leave you here w/ them

What I said : Can you please not play w/ the drums

What I meant to say: If you hit the drum one more time, I will make you eat the sticks

What I said : He seems like a great guy

 What I meant to say: I'm sure he's just as great as all the other losers you date

What I said : I'm super busy can I call you back

What I meant to say: You have 1 to many problems for me to spend my day listening to them. 

What I said : Them shoes really don't go w/ that outfit

 What I meant to say: If you don't change them shoes I wont be taking you anywhere w/ me



Free2bMommy said…
Luuuv it, and I will stealing the button and creating a post!

VandyJ said…
I have one that doesn't do so well with sugar either. The grandparents were notorious for sugaring him up then bringing him home. We have finally trained them not to.
singedwingangel said…
OH I so feeelya on the drums one. My son walks around with drumsticks beating on everything .. Drives.me.insane. Thanks for linking up with us hun
Brittney said…
lmao love it :)
Anonymous said…
Bwhahahahah! These are great!
Brittany Ciara said…
Love them! Eat the sticks?! Yikes! I'd put the drum set away as fast as I could. :P

Thanks for playing!