MAANGE Eyelashes

As Seen On TV..Eh?

I'll start by saying my husband has some spending issues.

There was the time I sent him to get a gift for a friends kid and he also came back w/ a 40 dollar chair for Heaven when she was 9 months old. ( Heaven had a bad phase w/ taking off her diaper and would sit in the chair so it's gone now)

Then there was a time when I sent him for a new belt for the vacuum and he came back w/ a new 300 dollar vacuum. (He eventually ran the cord over, then the dog ate it, so he rigged it up w/ a big Orange cord)

Or the time when he wanted to be a Gardner and was sucked into the Areo Garden commercial and spent 200 + the other products. (It's now boxed up in the closet)

But this new purchase tops them all


So when asked what the 14.95 on the credit card bill was , my hubby says I'm not sure then realizes it was this. He says he never clicked the button to buy it....

But obliviously he put his credit card number in somewhere

How does one not mean to order such a thing?

He says they didn't have the price so he was just trying to see how much it was.

(Fast Forward to 2 nights ago when I sent him shopping and he came home w/ "3" gallons of ice cream.)

So as he opens his new get fit machine, I start to wonder. There is no way in hell this thing is 14.95 so I ask him how many payments of 14.95 are we paying. He claims he still doesn't know, so I tell him to look at the receipt on the box and come to find out this wonderful gift can be yours to for 175 damn dollars!!

So now I have this crazy sex machine looking contraption on the back of the bedroom door, lots of ice cream in the freezor and a book and poster on how to loose weight in 11 minutes a day or your money back.

How am I gonna explain this to people!?!

I'd pay to know exactly what he was thinking when he made this purchase


Kelly said…
Wow...good luck w/ that!!
crisc23 said…
If I were to exercise how would I ever have time to I was thinking of boxing it up and re gifting it for Christmas..lmao
singedwingangel said…
lmbo I am so glad hubby is not like that.. MY mom on the other hand is another story.
F.A.T.S Momma said…
Hmmm.....things could get pretty kinky in your casa! ROFLMAO!
Anonymous said…
I can't even imagine how you use that thing. Good Luck.
cmbrlnd said…
If poss. I would box the sucker up and go with the money back part. Good luck
shelley said…
this was hysterical! my husband doesn't know how to shop by himself, i'd be really fearful of what he'd come home with! lol.. thanks so much for stopping by and the bday wishes! hope it's cool where you are today! o wait ps i see it was your bday tooooo happy happy bday!