MAANGE Eyelashes

Beverage Holders For Kids

I had my 1st trip to Hobby Lobby today, boy was that exciting. I will definitely be going back. I got tons of things and only spent $30.00 because of the great deals.


Bought a pack of beverage holders (very cheap and 50% off all summer crafts)

Bought some foam stickers w/ animals

And decorate...

These are the ones I made (they have the animals all the way around)

These are Heavens


Shannon said…
Fun blog, so glad I stumbled across it! I just bought these same drink holders at Michael's for 66 cents each. I bought them in yellow, pink, orange, and green for my daughter's first b'day to keep the adults' beverages cold... Too funny! Enjoying your blog, looking forward to reading more.
JDaniel4's Mom said…
They did such a nice job. I love the lion. Thanks for stopping by.
Kelly said…
I haven't been there yet but I plan on going soon. I want to make a scrapbook of our trip up north.

We had a great time. It's gorgeous up there :)