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Conversational Sunday

Conversational Sunday

ME-"Grandma took all 5 kids so I can have alone time, feels so great to say that..totally jealous of people that can pawn off on the grandma"

FB Friend -"Girl, David left for the weekend last week and that was the first time I had alone time in about 2 years, and yes it was nice, but like you I don't have people taking David all the time either!!"

ME-"I couldn't imagine a whole weekend that would be like Christmas
I think someone should start a summer camp for all these kids but only charge a reasonable price =)"

 FB Friend-"LOL, you know if I had the room I would love to do a day camp for kids during the summer (of course if I was fortunate enough not to have to work) I love kids, especially if there not mine!! LMAO"

 FB Friend 2- Time to dance around the house in your panties!

ME-" how'd you know about naked Thursdays..lmao"

FB Friend -" Crys, Maybe we should find some rent-a-grandmas!! LOL"

 FB Friend 2- "There's your billion $ enteprise. Rent-A-Granny, Inc."

Now don't anyone go and try to steal our idea =)


Made.By.Jess said…
ok. that was totally awesome and don't forget to send one of those rent-a-granny's my way I totally need one. Maybe I could pay her in muffins..LOL
Blog surfin'. I'm now a follower.

Have a great Day!

Free2bMommy said…
I am totally guilty of the "pawning off on grandma" she lives like 3 minutes away! Heaven on earth on those days! <--that sounds sooooo unmommy like, but whatever!! We all need time to ourselves!

Anonymous said…
Lol. I am a lucky one, my mom takes my 4 when she has days off. I will charge a reasonable rate to share her. LOL! :D Following from Surfin Saturday! Have a great weekend!
Sherri said…
Found you on conversational Sunday.
Lucky girls...when my kids were little my mom rarely took them, now that I'm the grandma, I like to have mine and do fun things with them.

Now following you. Enjoyed my visit here. I love how you say, ...and a husband who thinks he does it all.
Don't they All?? lol

Brittney said…
rent a granny!! LMAO thats too funny!!!
Crazy Brunette said…
LMAO!!! Bitch I have naked days EVERYDAY! My neighbors get a hell of a show!!!
F.A.T.S Momma said…
Ohhhhh!!!! I love being the annonamous FB friend! We better patent our rent-a-granny shit before some bitch steals it!