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Easy Chinese Donuts

I've showed you one way to make doughnuts so I figured I'd show you a much easier way I learned while watching the cooking channel.


1 can of seamless refrigerated biscuits
1/3 cup sugar


Using your can of seamless biscuits

Take out sheet and roll into balls and place in 350 degree oil (Med Heat)

Once they become brown  flip them over

Once both sides are browned remove from oil and drain on paper towel

Place sugar in a container and put in a  few doughnuts at a time to coat on both sides

Remove from bag and serve


Bargain Mom said…
This is easy enough for me to do :)
Thanks for sharing!
Tree said…
Oh yay! My kids love to order these when we have Chinese takeout! These are easy to make in a flash! Thanks for sharing! :)
JENNIFER ♥ said…
I make these all the time!! I use powdered sugar sometimes, and I mix cinnamon in w/ the real sugar!
crisc23 said…
That sounds delish, I'm gonna need more cinnamon I used all mine to keep the ants
Free2bMommy said…
I might actually be able to do this! Yum! You are so freaking domestic!! Im jealous!! I want to be Betty Freaking Crocker! haha!

Ooooh I LOVE THESE!!! They are my favorite!!! I didn't realize they were so easy to make.

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog today... I'm following you now :)
Anisha said…
Me and the girls make these all the time!! Except I just used regular can biscuits and I take each biscuit and take out the center with a soda bottle top!!! Then we have big donuts and donut holes!! Quick and yummy.....
crisc23 said…
That's a great idea!!