MAANGE Eyelashes

Post it Tuesday


jayayceeblog said…
That's awful -- I'm going to hug and kiss my laptop right now after reading that!!! Happy PINT!
Kelly said…
RIP laptop :(
You will be missed by many.

Girl that SUCKS!!! Did you have a warranty? That sounds like something I would do! I did do that but w/ a camara. Not a cheap point & shoot a good one. But in my defense I was pregnant w/ Colin and the dog tripped me while I had the camara so it was drop the camara or fall on my 7 month pregnant belly. I do need to see if that bad boy can be fixed though b/c I think my p&s is about to bite the dust! I will be lost w/ no camara! You can take the cell phone just not my camara or lap top!!
Di said…
That sucks! My dog knocked my #2 key right off my laptop this weekend so I have to stare at the hole where the key should be.
Shell said…
Oh, no! I'd be so upset!
crisc23 said…
Kel I have a warranty but my husband says it doesn't cover dropping it that it'd be cheaper to buy a new one cause it's a Netbook.

It fell in slow-mo guys, I don't even know how I did it =(
OH NOOOOOO!!! Stuff like that always seems to happen when I'm low on funds and can't afford another one!

Lots of yummy love,
Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner
Dazee Dreamer said…
I hate it when things get a mind of their own and try to check out the world. I'm so sorry for your loss. :(