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This is a a topic that wont make you smile. Sorry ahead of time. As parents our job is to protect our children, NO MATTER WHAT. If you fail to do so  your a piece of shit in my book.

If you cant take care of your children give them to someone who can.

Moms KNOW who you our bringing into your kids life. NOTHING in this world is more important than your kids, NOTHING


If you choose to watch this video, I ask that you watch the whole thing.

And if you made it through everything and want to help go here


sara said…
I just don't even know how to respond to that. After I wipe the tears away I think it will be to hunt that scumbag down and cut his nuts off with a dull butter knife.
Eclipsed said…
I couldn't watch the whole thing it makes me sick to my stomach. It also made me want to pick up my daughter and give her a giant hug and kiss.
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Candace said…
I can't stop crying, thinking about little Dominick. These pour little souls are here because we created them, and to be treated like he was is so sad. I can just picture my little boys sitting on the couch, wetting their pants. It happens. It happens to everyone. And that poor little boy didn't have a chance with the people he was so very unfortunate to have lived with. My thoughts are with him and the family and friends that loved him and cared for him. I am realizing more and more each day that this is a very cruel world we live in. Thanks for posting something so very real and sad and emotional.
crisc23 said…
Both the mom and boyfriend tried to claim insanity but BOTH are going to be charged

There is also a Law called Dominicks Law being drafted to help make sure that no child has to go through what he did

I'm sorry it was so sad, but thank you guys for watching
Shell said…
I can't watch the video on my bb, but I think I've watched it before. So heartwrenching.

Thanks for linking up.