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Things I love Thursdays

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I LOVE......

how its like deja vu and TJ now acts like Heaven


How Ben-e is scared of the vacuum and hides (can u find him)

Even at 10 the car will still make JJ fall asleep

and I love how JJ was a good sport and went on rides for Heaven


Melissa said…
Kids are endless sources of smiles, aren't they?
RyHeAnNe said…
Your little boy has a nice smile, so happy :-)
RyHeAnNe said…
Hi sorry, I just read the comment you left on my page. I am so sorry I was not able to replied earlier and help, anyway I think google has some error, the comments are back after few hours.
Dazee Dreamer said…
what an awesome brother!!!!!
Super cute. I love all the sibling love!! I just added a Spanx giveaway to my post so make sure to come back over and enter!!!
Chara Lynn said…
My daughter loves pipe cleaners.. .you would think you handed her a bag of candy HA!
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