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What I Meant To Say- Facebook (who views you the most)


**It seems people on Facebook and Myspace are so curious to who is viewing their page. In this process they click on spam and effect everyone on their list

I said-"LISTEN TO ME..You will NEVER know who is viewing your profile, stalking you, or loves you the most. STOP joining these pages before you infect the rest us w/ a virus. It's the same on Myspace and all it does is steal your password and hack your page. STOP and DELETE it, it DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!"


What I meant to say was-Your a loser and no one is viewing your page. Stop it before I show up at your house and shove my foot thru your computer screen. I like my computer more than I do you and if you mess it up there will be hell to pay



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Bargain Mom said…
LOL, too funny! Love the new design!
ha ha ha!!! very funny and sadly quite true!!:)
singedwingangel said…
Lmbo I hear ya loud and clear. Everytime I see one of those I am shaking my head. How many times do hey have to see it is spam or a virus before they stop clicking they like it. I have to wonder do they actually even look at the page they claim to like??
Free2bMommy said…
people do get pretty obsessed. i deleted my myspace account when I had a stalker, and now I regret it. Not that I would use it, but I had lots of pics on there that I did not back up!!!

Cluttered Brain said…
yeah yeah i so hear ya on viewing the FB profile page.
Can't track it.

Some people will fall for anything...
Nya's mom said…
Very funny! Love the post and your blog! I am now following from "Welcome Wednesday." Come and visit me too when you get a chance:
Max Evel said…
Here's the deal,
Those things do work,and people are nuts !
Seriously, I've done the space,and
the face.
I hate them both,and that need to comment constantly to keep your friends.
It's a bunch of crap, and you never know when you are going to piss someone off on those sites.
crisc23 said…
LOL I use FB mainly for the family, my grandma has one..lmao

This is the thing if you do find out who is secretly stalkin you, are u gonna confront them? what would they say " Hey why u lookin at my facebook page, my tracker said u were there"..lmao

I dont like Myspace, to many little kids I used it for the music player before I turned to you-tube, then hubbys crazy x found me and wouldnt quit stalkin
BowWowPet said…
I'm your newest follower:)