What I Meant To Say


My Mother In Law and I were driving thru the hood of Detroit because I have an obsession w/ taking pictures of all the beautiful buildings and houses that were burnt down or tore up

We are driving along in her nice SUV w/ TEXAS plates looking like tourist and there were a group of we can call them" thug looking" people standing there watching us, stopped in the middle of the road to get a picture.

I say- "Don't worry were not in the bad part of Detroit"

WHAT I MEANT TO SAY- " Shit Holly I forgot we don't have Michigan plates on the car so we prob look like out of towners, site seeing after making a wrong turn. Hurry up and snap the pic before we end up w/ no tires and have to walk to my moms. Pretty sure it might be time to step on the gas when "the block is watching you"...hahah

and to top it off after all that, next time remember to put the memory card in the camera =) All that and no pics to show.


Kelly said…

love it!!
Dazee Dreamer said…
Those damn memory cards. That would have been hilarious!!!!!!
singedwingangel said…
My memory card stays in my camera, I am a fanatic about dumping it every day after some picture taking. Unlike my sister who has like 3000 pics on hers lol. That was funny though you taking pictures of them probably kept em from doing anything they thought oh crap they will have proof lol..Thank you so much for linking up with us today
Kelly Polizzi said…
thanks for the follow. i am following you back and just love your blog!
Anonymous said…
LOL. We got lost once in Detroit driving back from Windsor. And lost in not a good part either, can we say scared.
Brittney said…
omg that so sounds like something I would do!!!