What I Meant To Say


I decided to venture out of my normal recipes and try to be Betty Crocker for the night.  Well I guess I didn't plan the whole "let's make a pie from scratch" thing out to well b/c it was more messy than delicious.
I go to make the pie (it was Chocolate-Marshmallow) and start  w/ making the crust when I notice the recipe calls for some Crisco. Well guess what, didn't have it so I found a new "healthy" one to try.

The pie is in the oven and it's not browning but I can smell it's done. I take it out, let it cool, and go to cut it. Well it was the hardest crust you could ever imagine. I cut Johns piece and

I say- I didn't give you any of the crust b/c it turned out bad

What I meant to say-  What the hell was goin through my head when I decided to make a pie. I cant cook for shit but now I'm ready for home-made pie making. Sorry John I didn't put crust on your plate cause it was so hard I could probably kill you w/ it. Who needs a weapon when you have my  pie crust. We would be better eating bark off the tree then eat that crap.

This was that hot mess the next day


AngelEden said…
Oh dear, but it made me chuckle. It sounded like something out of a terry pratchett book

singedwingangel said…
Yeah I can't do pies either unless they are cheese cake and are in crushed graham crackers . don't feel lonely lol
oh no!!
That's why I usually buy store bought crusts...*sigh*
sorry bout that....
Brittney said…
well at least it looks yummy :) haha
making a pie crust from scratch is hard it takes a lot of screw ups to getting it to look right lol
Kelly said…
That's why premade crusts are my best friend when I want pie!!

I made that chocolate eclair recipe from lazy mom and OMG it is SOOOOOOO good. Just thought I'd share :) All 3 of my guys love it!
Terry said…
Nice pie....
teeheehee :)
I can't bake either!