What I Meant To Say


(skip to 30 seconds to hear the good singing)

I asked Heaven- Can you sing it louder?

What I meant to say- Heaven, hunny, Moms gonna need you to belt that song out. What if American Idol Jr is watching and this is your big shot!?!

(for the record, no I'm not like Joe Jackson, no toddlers were hurt in the making of the video)


Brittney said…
awwww shes adorable!
Awww, that is sweet!
What a cute girl you have there!!
singedwingangel said…
awww she is a doll baby..bwhahaha @the Joe Jackson reference lol

Thanks for visiting Hollywood Chic :) I can only take credit for the first. Following you, interesting blog and I like it :)
Absolutely adorable! :)
crisc23 said…
Thanks guys =)