*Wordless Wednesdays*

Aside from fighting they really do <3 each other

This is a 1st

I'm a little worried

She looks up to something

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sara said…
They're trying to distract you with cuteness!!
Kel said…
To cute! They never really fight, do they??? ;)
Andrea said…
What a couple of cuties!
I'm definitely thinking they're up to something! At least they're cute while they are at it!
Free2bMommy said…
I love these pics! Soooo sweet! I cant tell you how much I love that your son is rocking the t-shirt and diaper! My son is like that ALL the time!! From an early age they start loving to take their pants off! hahaha!!

LeeAnn said…
Great pictures! We have the same kind of stories in our house. It's like "wait, why is she being so nice to him all of the sudden?" LOL

Thanks for linking up with me today!
I would be worried if I were you, your daughter does look very very very much like she is up to something. Ahhh! Be on lookout!

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