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Fawk You to the jerks that shut down this kids lemonade stand for not having a permit..she's only 7
poor little girl =(


Dazee Dreamer said…
I would like to take that freaking health inspector and beat the crap out of him. Surely there are resturants and such that need to be looked at. It's a freaking rite of passage to have a lemonaide stand. Jerk.
Christy said…
I just saw that this morning. What were they thinking? Really? I'm sure she was looking to go on a crime spree.
Anonymous said…
seriously....and here my daughter is begging to do one today.
crisc23 said…
Be careful I dont wanna see the Feds at your
Anonymous said…
OH AMEN to this one!! Isn't that insane???

Thanks so much for linking up. (I had my boobs done by the that was the big surgery I spoke of.)

Thanks for linking up!
Anisha said…
Seriously that is freakin out of control!!!!! Really, if she had gotten fined was the poor lil girl supposed to pay her fine with the money she had already made!!! Hmmmm I think I'm even more tempted to let my girls do one just to see what happens, and they need to make their own Ice Cream truck money, LOL!!!