MAANGE Eyelashes

Happy Birthday Dora


  1. a toilet paper tube
  2. a printer
  3. a piece of paper
  4. crayons
  5. scissors 
  6. glue


    Print this template or draw your own

    Color, cut and glue pieces on roll

    Heaven also made her a card

    Happy Birthday Dora..Love Heaven Leigh


Bargain Mom said…
Too cute! I hate that I could not get my youngest to the Dora Birthday Celebration.
crisc23 said…
Hev would have loved it I just wasnt to fond of takin all She was happy and never knew the difference =)
Crazy Brunette said…
Shit bitch... Did you have to watch that shit too???

WHY the FUCK did we have kids again???
crisc23 said…
My kid is OBSESSED w/ her, I cant even walk thru the store w/out her screaming DOWA DOWA..but Dora does babysit so I cant be to mad..lmao