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Help Me Wednesday UPDATE

White House, Black Shutters

Last week I linked up with WHBS for her 1st Help Me Party. Just link up and post anything you need help with.  You can even link up an older post if needed.


It's still not finished. My husband was thinking of stenciling vines along the top of the wall, what do you think?


Martha said…
Love it....although I think that John is really getting in touch with his feminine side..Stenciling vines..really??? :)
crisc23 said…
LMAO he came home yesterday w/ the great idea to stencil some grape vines. I'm just not sure what it would look like
Mommy Lisa said…
No - how about a phrase in that sticky wall stuff - just in case you change your mind. Something about friends or wine or something cool like that?
Ellie said…
Wow, what a fun color! I like what you've done so far. The stencil might be nice--would your husband really do it? Mine would just roll his eyes at me (and probably love it when I was done). Can't wait to see it!
crisc23 said…
Momma L I love that idea!

Ellie- he was all for it, all his idea, Im nervous cause after you stencil you still need to paint it and well we suck at
Amethyst Moon said…
love the bright yellow!
Julie said…
Wow! I would love to see what else you do with the space. I think the vinyl saying is a great idea!
Mom. Nonstop. said…
I wouldn't do vines all around, maybe just some custom art on cheap canvas? They have small ones at dollar tree and then possible make vinyl picture frames for them?
Ann said…
Gotta agree w/ Mom, nonstop... I would not stencil directly on the wall (what if u tire of them?) perhaps create a series of canvasses, like 2 or 3...that would look great I think. Great color BTW!
Kelly said…
I LOVE the color!!

Check out I won a piece from them and I love it! It looks awesome in my living room :) They have borders too!
Wow, you work fast girl! I'm impressed! I like the idea of vines, but I think it would be more work than what it's worth. Plus the thought of tackling that much stenciling scares the crap out of me, haha!

Thanks so much for linking up and showing some love by linking back to my party. I featured your post, feel free to grab a button!

-Ann Marie
Anonymous said…
That looks so much better!Well done!
I am your latest follower, and I think I'm gonna like you.. :)