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White House, Black Shutters

I hate it, the whole vibe of the room is bad. I've tried a couple different things but not happy with any. I'm open to ideas..change of paint color, new drapes..I don't know it's awful.

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First of all, thanks for linking up to my party!

Second, your room is not awful, it's just a blank canvas!

I have a few suggestions, lol, so just pick and choose what you like. My first suggestion would be to paint your molding at the top and that door white, it would lighten it up a lot. After that, I'd get lighter curtains and hang them between the top of your window and the ceiling and extend them about inches to the side of the windows. It'll make your windows look way bigger! (If you have an IKEA, I got 2 linen panels for $15!).

As far as paint, I'd say the one you have isn't THAT bad, but it would look good if you painted below your chair rail white. That will brighten things up, and then pick a color you like. I'd keep it neutral, maybe just a different shade of the one you have?

Haha, there's my input! Let me know what you decide to do. But trust me, it's NOT awful!!

-Ann Marie
Running Design said…
I love this space! It has so much potential! I strongly recommend that you paint! Painting is the cheapest way to make a huge difference in the space. You could easily go with paint and wallpaper, since it looks like you have a chair rail dividing the wall. If you use two different colors of paint you will create a a great look!
Anonymous said…
what about one of the hanging picture frames with big frames...could take up the whole wall. You could do color or black and white photos.
Anisha said…
I would totally add a splash of color!!! Since the wood is dark I would go with a lighter color so it brightens the room. Is that a chair rail, if so I would put two different tones of paint! And yes, sorry to say but ditch the drapes.......And add some art work or candles on the walls and it's good to go! Good Luck!
crisc23 said…
Thanks so much guys, gonna run them by the hubby when he wakes up. I'll let you know =)