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White House, Black Shutters

This week is my bathroom on the main floor. I'm not sure what was going on when this paint color was picked it's the most ugliest green I've ever seen. I'm not tearin the floor up just yet so what can I do to make this room more appealing?




Render Me Mama said…
Is the floor green or teal? Maybe repaint a pretty yellow? And add some homemade art or pretty art glass candle holders?
crisc23 said…
The floor is Green. It's like a dark hunter green and my walls are SUPER bright green (we didnt do this just for the then there's the brown wood trim
Melissa said…
What about painting the walls and trim white, then accenting with various colors of green. It seems to be very popular right now, and it is pretty easy to find art, and decorations that are varying shades of the same color. This way your green floor would not jump out quite so much. I'll keep thinking and see if I think of any other ideas!

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Anisha said…
I would totally go with a shabby chic look. Because it's a smaller bathroom it shouldn't be that expensive for you to get some pieces. I would definitely paint the walls, maybe like a cream color. And pu up some art or picture collages on the wall to distract you from the floors. It could be a fun project......Good Luck!
Ellie said…
I like the idea of painting the back (at least) of the door and the trim along the floor white. Because of that amazing (cough!) floor color, white might look best on the walls too. It would certainly be a break from that funky green that's there now! Then maybe go with black accessories--the cabinet, a mirror, some cheap art (we use pictures of our babies in a bathtub). A large, washable rug might help hide the floor too. Good luck!
crisc23 said…
Thanks guys I cant get past the floor so how much work does that take. Because it's that floor with the peel off sticker on the back I think and Ive seen this done when I was a kid and I don't remember it taking long.

I'm glad we can all agree this is the worst color ever!
If you can't get past the green floor (and I don't blame ya, lol), it's not as expensive as you would think for a new floor. Vinyl tiles, most of them look like ceramic tile now are under a dollar per sq ft. They can go right over the green tile and would be about $25-30 for the whole room, maybe even less.

We have a SUPER small bath like you and it's our only bathroom. It's in DESPERATE need of a remodel. Someone told me that a neutral wall color makes the space look larger. Although we have all dark trim and doors, that's one room where we're going to paint the door and trim white.

I'd say a little basket for the magazines, a mirror (maybe on the back of the door so you don't have to watch yourself while on the toilet, lol), and just a few accessories.

Good luck, lemme know how it goes and what you decide! Believe it or not, your bathroom is a LOT better than ours if that makes you feel better, lol.
-Ann Marie
crisc23 said…
I found some great flooring for a cheap price, the reviews were good so I think Im gonna get a new floor. It's not that big of a space so it cant be to much. I cant do this green