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Monday Minute

Monday Minute

What is your favorite 80s flick? Either Scarface,Stand By Me or the Christmas Story, I know great picks right? Still love them all. Not a fan of Comcast trying to charge you to watch the Christmas Story ondemand around Christmas time though.

One genre of music needs to be banned. Which genre? Oldies for sure. Music is a big part of my life and I cant deal w/ that shit 

What is your all time favorite candy? The GREEN box of Mike & Ike's but it can ONLY be the green box. I don't want the blue or pink box they give me a belly ache

How 'flawed' is your driving record? Mine is Awesome you have to drive to have a record and my lazy ass likes to be chauffeured.  

What was high school mascot? I have a hard time remembering yesterday I have no clue

and finally...

What color socks are you wearing? All white, no dirt just pure white

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Amethyst Moon said…
I like Stand by Me and Christmas Story, too! What the hell's with Comcast?! Idiots!
Anonymous said…
I love Stand by me, awesome movie.
Awesome passenger. Good thing there is a chauffer.
As I sit here reading this at work, they have oldies on. I'm going a little crazy. I like oldies, but in small quantities.
Marlene said…
Oooh Christmas Story....good choice! I can't believe your cable company....ok, maybe I can. Dickwads.
crisc23 said…
I see it on tv all the time then when I want to watch it , there's a 2.99 charge that's just crap
Crazy Brunette said…
Scarface???? I love you even more now hooker!!!!!
crisc23 said…
I love Al Pacino Calito's Way was the shit but it was made in the 90's so I couldnt add it..P Cruz fits the roll of his wife so well
Free2bMommy said…
Christmas Story is on my top favs too girl! F_ck Comcast!! Christmas hating B_tches!

Can I tell we left Comcast last year?! Without paying their ass! bad!

crisc23 said…
Comcast pays my bills so I cant say
Linda... said…
Hi - I'm a new blogger and am following you; please follow me back.
I enjoyed browsing your blog.
Free2bMommy said…
hahaha! I wouldnt say anything either!