MAANGE Eyelashes

Right or Wrong

He's super funny and has 1 heck of a point

Video belong to You-Tube


Max Evel said…
I miss that old fart .
He always made sense.
Very good post.
crisc23 said…
He's funny as hell and def makes sense =)
Brittany Ciara said…
Working on Conversational Sunday! :)
Free2bMommy said…
I was not able to watch the whole kids walked in, but...I think that the idea of "swearing on the bible" is not so much based on the book itself, but rather the idea that most people who believe in the bible will tell the truth, and will feel a moral obligation to be honest. Now...I said "most." not including policemen! hahaha!! Great video though!

crisc23 said…
You have to watch his HBO special from like 08, this guy is so funny but he passed away