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What I Meant To Say- Convo's w/ a 2 year old


Heaven and I were playing w/ an opposite match game. She picked up the happy and sad face and said 

" he sad like me"

I asked her why she was sad and she said "cause this shirt" as she pointed to the shirt "I" picked out for her

* She likes to dress herself and it's always a fight, she'd live in Dora gear if I let her

Anyhow I said " well then we can take it off"

What I meant to say was- 

You should be sad over the clothes you pick out cause they never match. I'm the boss and I think you should wear it and leave the fashion up to me and worry about your ABC's . Your 2 were not supposed to be dealing w/ this till your at least 5

Heaven's picks

almost matches but Im not feelin it
at least she matched this one

She really loved the hat I had to hide it

For more pics of Heavens wonderful taste in clothes check her out here

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Maxabella said…
I have two girls and they were both adamant over what they wanted to wear from day dot. I think it's in the female genes to want to express yourself through your outfits. Why worry about what she chooses? They're just clothes after all and the more she does it the more she learns about what she likes. I quite like some of her outfits myself!!
crisc23 said…
Since she was 7 months old she developed her own style.Till she was 14 months I couldnt get her to keep clothes on her.

She only wants to wear the SAME outfits and I take her picture everyday and somewhere she's posted on the net. I dont want people to think I dress her like that cause I'm to busy bloggin..lmao
She has some really cute clothes I want her to wear before she outgrows =)
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singedwingangel said…
AWw she is adorable and I love the hat. My niece had one similar and wore it everywhere..
Sherri said…
i found your blog today via WIMTSW and I loved the pictures of your kids. too cute. i remember those days.
now following you

Mommy Lisa said…
Mine has decided that her accessories are more important than what she actually wears. ;)
crisc23 said…
That's Heaven! All the way, she has a new thing the past couple days of wanting to keep her shirt off like her brother but she has to have her hat and shoes
funfunfun said…
I'm following via Welcome Wednesday blog......would love to have you follow back.
kisatrtle said…
my 6th grader still has trouble matching...and she does it on purpose.

Who can keep up with style these days?

following from WW
too funny!!!! my 3 year old loves to pick out her own clothes too and now my 19 mnth old daughter is getting into it - I keep telling her she is too little to pick out her own clothes :)
From Tracie said…
Great WIMTS. =)

My daughter is seven now, but she has been pretty adamant about her clothing choices since she was around 2. They can be pretty scary, but are getting better. What's worse than her choices are my husband's. He can't match her clothes, even if I fold outfits together and stick them in a bag!