MAANGE Eyelashes

What I Meant To Say


I'm on the computer and the hubby comes in the room. He looks out the front door and says "AWW mann"
I said "what is it raining again?" and got no answer as he walked into the bathroom and lifted his foot to wipe it off cause he stepped in the 1lb dogs poo

I said- "ooooooo"

What I meant to say-" LMFAO that is funny shit. I cant even be mad that the dog did it on the floor I just mopped cause your ass just stepped in it. That is pure SAHM entertainment right there"


Di said…
I'm so glad my dog isn't the only one that does that!
crisc23 said…
LOL I'm just glad he is so little
singedwingangel said…
Roflmbo as a mother to 3 dogs of varying weight the small one is the ONLY one who still poops in the house. The rest of this brood will literally WALK over it as if they didn't see it. I know better.. so when they step it in I feel it is justification for ignoring all the other piles
crisc23 said…
LMFAO that's great..I see it as better him them me
sara said…
Too funny! Heh!
LMAO! I agree...better him than you
He didn't drag the poo into the room you were in did he?

I'm new here from WIMTS. I'll be following you now.
That's what I say..Great SAHM mom entertainment...
And stinky entertainment for sure! :)
Don't you just secretly love those days where the things we go through all the time finally happen to someone else! Even for a brief moment we can sit back and smile, knowing there is finally someone else who has to clean up the mess. then the baby starts to cry and we are shoved back into our own reality. Take what you can get !!!
Uyen said…
oh goodness, every time I read your blog, I am laughing my butt off. Your poor husband!