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What I Meant To Say


We took JJ and my niece to Cedar Point this past weekend.  JJ assured us he was ready and would ride everything. Once we got there and he seen the rides he tried to back out.

JJ said " I'm not riding the Millennium Force"  ( My FAV ride ever!!!)

 I said " You have to, cause were all going on it"

WHAT I MEANT TO SAY " You are out your mind little boy if you think I payed all this money for you to turn into a baby. There is a kid in front of us a little bigger than your 2 year old sister. You will ride this ride if I have to drag you on screaming"

(after he rode it he LOVED it)

The Millennium Force

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singedwingangel said…
Oh see I am with your son lol. I wouldn't have gotten on that for love nor money..
Lana said…
KInd of had that conversation with my kids when they wouldn't go swim in the lake. Not as big as the roller coaster, but it's the same principle. After some much NICE Mommy talk, they both jumped in! I was very proud of them and me!
Di said…
If I wasn't preggo I would have hiked my butt up to Ohio to ride that with you. So jealous!!
Brittney said…
im with the kiddo i dont think id ride it either LOL
Hi! Just wanted to let you know about another great blog hop! Feel free to add your link!
I so totally wanna ride that coaster!!!