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Fawk You Friday

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It's that day again, this week just flew by. Feel the need to bitch, complain, whine, vent, let somethin out, then check out Boobies to link up.

1. Fawk You cold that creeped up on me. If you even think bout gettin my husband sick I'm gonna be mad. No one likes a sick man.

2.  Fawk You the crazy Halloween bugs that have my house swarmed. UNCOOL not to mention my daughter thinks they are spiders and screams "LOOK MOM..MOM LOOK SPIDER" all morning.

3. Fawk You to the Muppet Baby movie playin in the background from 1984..

4. Fawk You to the White Castles I had for lunch..nuff said

5. Fawk You to people who buy the hot toys and sell them for more around Christmas. For the sake of everyone lets just hope I get a Lalaloopsy Doll and some Pillow Pets

6. Fawk You to the 1 reader I loose every time I link up w/ Boobies.
I have a disclaimer for a time try readin that before you add me.

Well that about sums it up this week, hope everyone has a great weekend =)

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Christy said…
You are still watching the Muppets movie? Girl you really need to get out once in a while. LOL!

On another note, I lose 1 follower every week! How does that happen? We are awesome!

Thanks for playing along with the linky!
LOL No my husband actually paid the 2.99 to buy it on demand!
Sue said…
How come you lose a follower after this post? Oh well I wouldn't worry about it.
Boobies meme's are a little on the PG pushin rated R and offend some people I My personality isn't for everyone =)
You gotta be yourself sweetie and screw them if they don't like it.

We had the sickness in our house for about 3 weeks. Luckily the hubs didn't get it or the boy. Peanut and I were the only sick ones and we handled it like champs! No whining!
That's why I still link up..people are to damn judgmental and I cant please everyone =)
Anisha said…
I too hate when people buy the good toys and resell them on Ebay!!!!!!!!!! Last year i couldn't find any damn Zhu Zhu pets anywhere. an no way was I paying like $100 for one!! I wonder what it will be this year.......
It's the toys I need the Lalaloopsy Doll and Pillow Pets..Ebay is already chargin 20 more dollars for one and the stores are all sold out. Some jerk-off is prob buyin them cause they know
Lil Bit said…
OH my husband has been a whiny baby this week with aches and pains from work! I completely agree that no one likes a sick man.

BTW, I'm a new follower from Fawk You Friday! :) (You gained one this week instead of losing one! HAHA)
Screw the people that you lose when you link up with boobies she freaking rocks! Ew, i cannot believe you ate white castle ha! I dont think I have ever been there just seen those stoner white castle movies. Thanks for your supportive words about my hesitance to get my GED it truly does inspire me to know It is a possible dream!
mary said…
Following from boost my blog friday.
Jenn said…
I love and look forward to Fawk you Fridays!!!!!!!