MAANGE Eyelashes

Homeschool Week 5

This week we worked on the letter Ee and ALL colors since Heaven knows almost all of them now. We have also been working on Hot and Cold.

Glued colored elephants
Elephants from Confessions Of A Homeschooler
I added the color printables from Confessions of a Homeschooler to Circle Time

and have her match the color card to the picture


I made a file folder w/ muffin numbers and had her match the elephant to the number
Muffin numbers are from File Folder Fun

Creative Learning

We played w/ elephants

had an elephant toss
we used an elephant square as the target to hit


we made elephants
using a printable from First School


We made a file folder from File Folder Fun and matched objects to Hot & Cold

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Dorie said…
Looks like a fun week of learning!
K-tribe said…
Too Cute. Looks like you had a great week! We like the pink border around the room. :-)
Happy Friday!
Kelly K
K-tribe said…
OK So I am colored blind! We see everything in pink we are all girls! The green border is really neat! ;p
Michelle said…
I love your Ee activities!!
Mozer said…
Love the elephant toss idea.

Visiting from Preschool Corner link-up!
Katie said…
We did elephants this week too, I wish I had thought of the elephant toss. Too cute!

I found you at Preschool Corner
Adrienne said…
What creative ideas for preschool! We're a HSing family too. I'm a new follower! :)
melismama said…
Hi there, I am stopping over from the Hip Hop Homeschool blog hop today. Wanted to say that from what i see, you have a great gift of teaching, as most moms do! Keep it up...rock on.
The Wifey said…
I love these ideas. I just started homeschooling and I like how you have documented everything. :-) I found you via the homeschool hop.

Photina @ one guy in a house of girls
musicalmary said…
Looks like your children are so engaged and happy - good job, mom! I'm visiting you from the Tuesday Hip Homeschool Hop! I'm a follower now!