MAANGE Eyelashes

Music Monday


This weeks theme is "dances"

So I went with Cupid Shuffle, as you can see in the video it don't matter your age or skin color


FrugalMom said…
How cool!

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~ Noelle said…
never herd this...
lol, but i love how they are getting into it.
would love it if you stop by my blog..
i have several giveaways going on...
Thanks for joining our meme.
I have never heard of this song or dance before so thanks also for teaching me something new.
Your children are adorable, I love the photo of TJ on the side, the smile is contageous!
Hope you continue to participate in our meme each week.
Have a wonderful week.
Anonymous said…
I love this song and the dance! Great choice, but I never heard of it before. I guess it's regional? But it's going to grow because I'm having a few friends over and I'm definitely adding this one to the mix. I love it!
Happy Monday!
Xmas Dolly said…
Way to go! That dance looks just about my speed. ~hehe~ Thanks for joining our meme. Hope to see you next week also when it's Freebee week & you get to pick whatever you like. Gonna add this one to my list to enjoy. Already following, so time to browse for a few minutes. Have a great day! And pass the word for our Monday's Music Moves Me! Woo Hoo!
Anonymous said…
lmao too fun!
Anonymous said…
Looks like great fun. We have a big following for Ceroc dancing in my town. Though I must admit I'm more partial to a bit of Ballet and Salsa. If only I could drag my OH, Doo, down there with me. Ha fat chance. Some men eh? lol

Take care
Kate Collings
xx - always welcoming new followers, guests, and comments xx
Tami said…
This looks like something I could do without throwing out my back or going to the ER for asthma! (My normal problems with dancing!)

I'll follow you, you follow me!
Deb Chitwood said…
Ooh – what fun! I had a hard time staying in my chair. I wanted to get up and join in!
HA! That women in the middle with the short hair & b&w plaid-ish shirt can really move, lol.
Anonymous said…
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