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 Just in case anyone was wondering what song we sang during Karaoke Bible Sing a long time I attached the video w/ words so you can sing a long to (Grab your mic Nicki)

* This post wasn't made to offend I assure you God and I have a tight relationship but if you were offended here is a video of Heaven singing "He's Got The Whole World"..has a little aww factor to it

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Kelly said…
Forgive me Lord but that's some funny shit!!!! LOL

Since I have been sick there have been so many people that want me to come to church w/ them. I believe in God and everything and I pray, now more than EVER, but I've never felt comfortable at church. I went for a few years as a kid but that was it. I guess I just prefer to go my praying at home. It's just so awkward when someone is trying to get you to come. No thanks but I appreciate the prayers!!!
It was like a I was tryin to get the words out of my mouth and they were just swoopin me along to new people.. I finally looked at the lady and said I have no idea what I'm doin I was jus droppin my kid I could feel the whole room starin at me. Theres a church in Taylor called the Little Rose Chapel, it's open 24hrs and not like your normal church. I dont go to services but I go in there when I need a prayer.

It was AWKWARD Kel, very AWKWARD
Georgia said…
HAHA this rofled me. I like the bit where you say that you and god have a tight relationship.

I am your new follower from follow back tuesday :)

Had to throw that in so people wouldnt jump to I'll be by your blog soon =)
Anonymous said…
The fact that you inserted a Tupac song into a post about bible study is absofreakin hilarious! Just sayin. ;-)

Happy PINT! Thanks for the definite lesson in finishing getting ready! That's why I always get fully ready when I take my son to school!
Kristin said…
Hi! Nice post! Dropping by on the Tuesday Tagalong! I am now following you! :)

Keenly Kristin
so i don't drink coffee.. but today i was feeling run down... so i decided to go to DD and get a dunkachino.. so here i sit laughing out loud.. at your post it tuesday... church... so funny....
There are times in life you wish you could record and this was one of them. I have a BAD poker face and could feel my face lookin confused and

The lady I was next to said she was bringing Heaven a bible next week so now I have to go back cause well I think it might be bad juju to skip out on someone from
aims said…
LOL yup!! i'm not your average homeschooling mama!! i love walking around town during a school day with my kids and having someone ask why they are out of school and telling them 'we homeschool' instantly they look at all my tattoos and think back probably to whatever i was just cussing about then give the kids a pity look... lmao!!!
That One Mom said…
Hahaha! So funny! I'm sorry that happened to you. It stinks to be taken off guard!
My fav is when someone adds me cause they like my homeschool post, but then they see my other post an immediately post judgment and feel like they need to delete

Do people really think God cares if they follow my blog, obviously he made me this way for a

I know one other HS Mom like "us"..lmao I like to look at is were the next generation homeschoolers =)
cfoxes33 said…
That really is kinda funny!
Anonymous said…
Coming over from PINT on the Only Parent Chronicles!

I loved your Post it Notes story! LOL! Too funny! I don't think anyone would be offended...such is life. Glad to have found your blog!
Di said…
Love it. Sounds like something I would totally try! You may be the first person I know held hostage at Sunday school!
Hysterical!!!!! I'm dying...that would sooo happen to me but I'd probably burst into flames the second I walked in the door from the lightning bolt that would strike down... :)

Lots of yummy love,
Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner
Now that's what I call Karma! Crappy but nonetheless hilarious!!! HA HA HA! I only laugh because that is something that would SOOO happen to me.

Stopping back by from the blog hop, thanks for following me and stopping by to say hello!
Nicole Bingham said…
Just following you from Follow Me Back Tuesday! Your blog is so cute! Please follow me back @

Thanks, Nicole Mariana
won said…
It seems like we always get sucked in when we are not prepared! I could totally relate to not remembering the people's names. Stress does that to me all the time!

Visiting as a newbie to PINT. Nice to check out your corner of the blogosphere ;)
sara said…
That story was about 8 kinds of wrong. You crack me up!
Naomi said…
Im following from Tuesday Blog Hop come on by and follow back :)! Naomi
Xmas Dolly said…
Well, those are some combinations, but personally I take the little cutie pie's version of He's got the whole world in His hands! Thanks for stopping by!
Colie's Kitchen said…
Hi I am Nicole from I found you on a blog hop and wanted to drop by and say hi. I really like your blog, and am now a new follower. I would love to have you stop by Colie’s Kitchen if you get a chance.
Rachel said…
Thanks for stopping by for some bloggy love, I follow you too!
Beth said…
Okay...that was too funny...I never even considered drop offs for sunday school! I love being seen as a heathen on Sundays...I just want to expose my kids, I don't feel the need to show up every week but the looks you get are killer! Thanks for stopping by to say hi!
Anisha said…
LOL, sounds like a interesting day @ school!!!!! Man God put you in your place, even with your hair not all they way done!!! To freaking funny, sounds like something that would definitely happen to me!! That's why I now always do my hair, and put on a bra before leaving the house!!!
Survey Junkie said…
Stopping by to say hello.
Thanks for joining us for FMBT & for signing up for the Secret Santa GIft Exchange :)
Have a great week.