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Saturday Six

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What's the worst advice you've ever taken? 
"your pregnant you can eat whatever you want"..I'm callin bullshit and beg to differ..I followed that advice and gained remember you can eat what you want but that shit is comin back to your ass and legs

 What's your favorite expletive? Bitch I use that one a lot.."dont be a bitch, listen bitch, whatever bitch" 

Would you sacrifice your life for a strangers?

I guess that would depend..some little asshole no, some kid or old lady, sure

Are you an organ donor? 

Yes I am, if they can find anything good they are more than welcome to take it

What would you want written on your tombstone?

"It's cold down here"

Who would you really like to punch in the face right now?

  Prob the same crazy female I'd always love to punch if I could..lmao


Ariana said…
Ha, I saw we get a bunch of us together and go punch everyone we have on our lists.
I got a couple of crazy females i'd like to punch too

thanks for stopping by my blog the other day, your blog is blocked at my work so i'm just getting back to you now.

have a great weekend
Ariana that could be pretty fun =)

Jensays that sucks they block the good sits =)
yea..i was told i could eat whatever i wanted too...and when my kid popped out i was a fat ass. good call on that one!
Xmas Dolly said…
Thanks for stopping by, and your kind words. I totally agree with you about the eat whatever you want when your pregnant. That's total crap! You wouldn't believe some of the old wives tales my gramma use to tell me if you don't. LOL And wantin' to slap someone? OOOOOoooo Girl, I so got your back & then you can watch mine! Have a great day!
Kristin no one ever warned me about any of the real "joys" or

Xmas D No problem...and Ive heard some pretty crazy wives tales as well =)
I hear ya! When I was pregnant with my youngest child, I ate lots of ice cream in the last trimester...oh,it took me a long time to lose the weight!