MAANGE Eyelashes

Tot School-TJ

 16 months
Tot School

Cognitive Activities

We tried puzzles again this week

He's starting to sit still long enough to figure some of them out

We than took Tot School to the park to work on Gross Motor Skills.

Climbing up stairs to the train
Climbing down

Learning why he shouldn't run

Lasted 3 minutes on the swings he's not a big fan

Ball Pitt Fun

Don't buy one of these I hate it and the other 1 I have is filled w/ stuffed animals. I hate the balls and my kids intentionally take all 200 of them out to drive me crazy

Playing Pretend

We tried to get him to sit and play w/ us but he just wants to run back and fourth and destroy Heavens things.
(On a side note notice his nice red hoodie b/c it has been COLD here!)

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Great blog! I'm your newest follower!

Jennifer @ Life with the Lebedas
Anisha said…
Liking the wooden puzzles, they can get pricey though and in my house they would end up as our dogs chew toys!!! Arrgghhhh......
JDaniel4's Mom said…
Glad he slowed down for the puzzle. He is on the move.
crisc23 said…
I know! I'm not sure if I'm posed to put him in his high chair to make him stay or if I let him do his thing, cause were posed to be playin together and he doesnt sit &