Tot School-TJ

17 Months
Tot School

I came up w/ some new ideas to try and capture TJ's attention this week.

I tied a rope to a basket and pulled them thru the house in the "train"

Gross Motor

We than worked on throwing, rolling and catching balls
I taped shapes to the floor and we tried to see how many targets we could hit

I bought a target board from the Dollar Tree Store and had him throw the balls at the target

Fine Motor

Put blocks on a string from the Dollar Tree Store
Cognitive Skills

We played w/ new puzzles from the Dollar Tree
Then he worked on putting them in and taking them out of the box

With Heaven being gone TJ was able to pick any car to play w/

So of course he took hers

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singedwingangel said…
How cute is he and how resourceful are you for coming up with all of those activities...
Thanks I have to try and find creative things or he wont sit
Anonymous said…
When our kids were little they would bypass all the toys and go straight for a cardboard box!
I was a kid that was happy w/ just a box. We had imagination back then, now everything is computerized.
Anonymous said…
Fabulous ideas. I must start playing more 'learning' games with my youngling. Do you ever feel like you run out of ideas though? Mine particulaly likes action songs etc but sometimes I feel we've sung them to death! Thanks for sharing, Take care, KC xx - Always welcoming new followers, guests and comments xx
I do! On the Tot School page is a blog list of other moms who do it so I check out their activities or google soemthin like activies for toddlers and some good sites come up

For music I use this lady on you-tube at 1st she was a little annoyin but now I like Cullens ABC is her name

This is one of her videos
Deb Chitwood said…
Great activities! I especially love the shape targets on the floor!