MAANGE Eyelashes

What I Meant To Say


Thomas has been learning some not so good things from his dad and gives dirty looks now when he gets mad.

I said- " don't look at me like that"

WIMTS was " who do you think your staring at like that lil boy? I carry you for 9 months and give you life and you think your gonna mean mug me when I tell you no..think again lil buddy, think again

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singedwingangel said…
How cute is that face.. How hard is it not tolaugh at the mean face? My great niece has one we have to crack up at. She furrows her little red eyebrows and puckers that mouth it is too cute lol
Brittany Ciara said…
Oh yes, the mean mug! Amazing the things kids pick up, huh? Thanks for playing!
sara said…
That little stinker! No mean faces allowed!!
HAHA! That is a sure fire stinker face if I've ever seen one!
VandyJ said…
Mean faces abound at our house--with two boys and a daddy, I'm seriously outnumbered.
Nichole said…
That's funny.
Our youngest daughter gives us "mad" faces. It's her way of telling us that she is upset without saying a word. I am trying to break her of the habit, but sometimes it's hard not to laugh!
Free2bMommy said…
hahahaha!! Hilarious! They always think they are all "bad" because they have a "im mad" face. Whatever! I will still grab their ass in a second!


crisc23 said…
I want to get the "look" it's to funny, he scrunches his eyebrows so he only has