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While at the Em Concert some drunk kid decided he wanted to start jumping around like he was at Rage Against the Machine. Two minutes prior the man directly in front of us almost kicked the crap out of another kid for bumping in to him.

I told the dunk boy- " I wouldn't do that"

What I meant to say was " Are you out your damn mind. You must not be from around here cause your about to get whooped on if you bump in to the guy in front of us and lets face it I'm not tryin to jump out the way in these boots"


My husband and I are sitting on the couch and he randomly says " would you be mad if I bought you lingerie?"

I sat there w/ the stupid look before I replied " It depends"

What I meant to say was If your gonna buy me lingerie it better be something that fits me right, that last shit you picked out was made for someone w/ DD's not me"

Come to find out his shopping addiction has furthered and he bought me quite a few outfits and might I say all are GORGEOUS

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singedwingangel said…
rofl @ the lingerie.. I have the DD's actually DDD and would kill for something they fit into without cutting off circulation to my body elsewhere. or having them pushed up so high on my body they smother me when I lay down
crisc23 said…
This was totally an outfit that required some big I need some under wire, maybe a little push-up..lmao
Brittney said…
hahahah i love that he asked you first lol!!!
LOL about the lingerie..He can dream can't he? ROFL.....
oh MY.
I'm glad he did get you some gorgeous lingerie...Ahh. nice.

LOL at the drunk boy too.....
crisc23 said…
He asked me after he ordered and it was in processed to be
Anonymous said…
I am a new follower from the blog hop
Living Out Loud
crisc23 said…
Gotta love MI weather you never know what your gonna get =)

Living Out Loud Im gonna check you
Max Evel said…
I just came by to say you new page looks great !
crisc23 said…
Thanks! One day Im gonna be bad ass enough to make it just the way I want it. My OCD screams this shit isnt I have 3 types of followers so I try to keep them separated..haha
Ashley said…
Hi there! I found you on Welcome Wednesday's blog hop! Great blog and can't wait to read more!

Kelly said…
Yay for presents from the hubby!

Sounds like you were by the same moron I was by @ Kid Rock! lol
crisc23 said…
Girl this kid was about to get beat, he was so drunk and sloppy. Everyone was pretty good for the most part but him.