MAANGE Eyelashes

What I Meant To Say


I gave the kids their breakfast and I notice Heaven playin w/ her cereal.

I said " Jus eat your food Heaven"

What I meant to say was " Little girl you better not be pickin the marshmallows out of it again and just drinking the milk. If I wanted you to just eat marshmallows for breakfast that's what I'd give ya now eat your damn cereal!!!"

Number 2

While getting ready to leave for work the Hubby see's the garbage is full. Instead of taking it out on his way out the door he says " when you take out the trash can you put it outside the door so Ben-e doesn't eat thru the bag?"

I said " I guess so"

What I meant to say was " you see that shits full and your walkin out the door, how bout YOU put it outside."

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Lauren said…
Yup, I know how it goes. Not only that but WHY do men think they do everything?
crisc23 said…
Mine always uses the excuse he works but I look at it as

He gets to use the bathroom alone
Have adult convo's
Eat lunch w/ no one moochin

So to me that's a break not work =)
Jenn said…
Love this!!!! I hope I say more of the good things then the bad things but not holding my breath :(
crisc23 said…
Most of the time I prob go w/ the bad but these 2 days it was to early to
singedwingangel said…
OH my hubby does it and do all of my kids it will be overflowing to the brim, falling out in the floor and it will be there till I do something about it.
Shelley said…
I am your newest follower from the blog hop. I am a Detroiter too!!I hope you can follow me back at
God Bless,
Free2bMommy said…
Oh I totally feel ya on the garbage thingy! I practically have to dump that shit on him before he gets it!