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*Wordless Wednesdays* Hockey Edition

Patiently waiting for Hockey Season


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JDaniel4's Mom said…
Is it a long time until hockey season starts? I hope it comes soon.
crisc23 said…
The Detroit Redwings have their 1st game Friday Oct 8 at 7 p.m. against Anaheim =)
I'm a Red Wings fan! And hockey is one of the sports I really enjoy watching! ;)

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Briony said…
I love Hockey it is the only sport I can watch on TV and I completely agree
that was the best fight ever!

Thank for posting this!!
Auntie E said…
Hockey, Haven't really been to a game. Maybe I will look into it the is season. A new thing to experience.
Happy WW. I can not wait for Hockey season, but I am a Sabers fan. The season can not get here soon enough.
HA! Funny... I am already miserable that football is here. It wouldn't be so bad if we didn't have to purchase the MLB & NFL packages so we get every game known to man, lol. My hubby just got into hockey last year... so I guess I better get to know that game too :)

BTW, LOVE LOVE LOVE the blog!!

Happy WW & have a great day!
crisc23 said…
Stacy and Briony were gonna get along great =)

Belle I'd rather hear that then you are a Colorado or Pittsburgh fan

Auntie E- The energy at a hockey game is unbelievable!

Danielle I hate the other sports. Growin up we were forced to watch hockey and wernt allowed to talk when it were on. So easy to learn so its not boring to watch and they fight so that always grabs your attention =)
LeeAnn said…
I used to go to Lightning games when I lived in Tampa. I really miss it!

Thanks for linking up today for WW! I hope you had a great day!