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Fawk You- Potty training, you suck. Hev had a blowout in Gymnastics last night and I had no diapers b/c it was only a 1/2 hour class

 Fawk You-  Gymnastics class that I paid 20 bucks for my kids to attend once. It was an empty room w/ mats. How is that Gymnastics?

Fawk You- Husband of mine for leaving me here the other day w/ no lighter and 2 kids. Are you tryin to send me to the crazy house?

Fawk You- Gas heater...it's cold and you keep shutting off. Better get your shit together for winter is here

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I have no idea about Nascar so it's a good thing I got Slut of the week =)

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Anonymous said…
when all else fails and the husband steals lighter.... sometimes resorting to the toaster is necessary.
Thanks for the tip, I was pretty desperate and the more hours to go by the more made I was gettin..lol
singedwingangel said…
I would have killed my husband for that move.. seriously
OMG I was trippin out, my text were prob a little mean but my kids have been crazy lately he cant do that to me
sara said…
The kids I used to nanny for went to a gymnastics class like that and I always felt like wtf are they paying for?
aims said…
yay! slut of the week!! congrats!!
Christy said…
You know my husband would do that too and I would think the same thing. I think there's a goal they are trying to achieve. I'm going to get rid of her!

Glad you joined our linky today. Have a great week!
Thanks for stoppin by guys =)
Anonymous said…
my husband got a big fat fawk you this morning too on my friday flip-off. It's that kind of day!
Anonymous said…
Congrats you lucky slut of the week!

Potty training SUCKS. I don't see why they can't just come that way. it would really simplify things.

Thanks for linking up and have a fawking fantastic weekend girl!
Momma Teri said…
Following from Fawk You Fridays. Please stop in and do the same for me (we are working on a follow friday project to see how many followers can actually be collected in a single friday with active participation)

Thank you for your help and your return follow:
Epiphany said…
Congrats, slut! CB always finds the best hookas to recognize and for me to follow. Cheers! xo
Anonymous said…
Congrats on slut of the week!

Former home schooler here, got them all the way through and out of high school without killing either of them, so TOTALLY admire any one else doing it!

Blow out at gymnastics just sucks..and likely smelled wretched too :(
Congrats on your royal Sluttness..Sorry hear about your gymnastic mishap I know how much that sucks!!!
A Thrifty Diva said…
Your blog rocks! Thanks for the laugh!! athriftydiva.blogspot.com
Jenn said…
OMG!!! This was so funny! I panic when my husband leaves and I realize I can't find a lighter. Really it is like the end of the world for me haha. And to the one who said she resorts to using the toaster, the visual of that was hilarious!