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FUF--Kids and the Devil Edition

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It's time to link up w/ Boobies and Christy and have a free vent session. FAWK is not a bad word and you don't even have to use the button if your offended, you can use one of the host buttons. It's all in good fun so let out what ever is on your chest

Fawk You- to Tinkerbell and Ariel they aren't so cool the 30th time you watch the movies in a week

Fawk you- potty training ..I HATE YOU..Why cant kids come already trained. My kid can count, say her ABC's but cant shit on the potty. She has no problem takin off her "gross" diaper and gettin poo everywhere though

Fawk You- laundry that never ends, where the hell is my maid

Fawk You- To Brandon Hayes for tryin to retract his story. You murdered and tortured a 4 yr old. You deserve to be punished and I don't want my readers to know what I want to happen to you

(please watch the video)

and  my last Fawk You goes to 




EnVii said…
yeii my child is not the only one that takes off his nasty pamper n puts shit everywhere!! i dont feel alone
singedwingangel said…
OH on that last one Have you met my oldest sister?? Seriously that is her to a tee. She doesn't 'like' women not even as friends..
Ange said…
I'm too scared to watch the video!
Dazee Dreamer said…
Oh my hell. That dude that killed that little boy. Not enough justice in this world for him. Why? Because he won't be in general population in prison. ONe day, just one day let him be. Then he won't be anyone's problem anymore.
Ange the video will make you cry for real. Ive been following this case since the night they reported it. They have a FB page for him called "Justice for Dominick Calhoun" and another called "Dominicks Law" cause they are trying draft a law in his name. His birthday was the 17th and he would have been 5
Christy said…
I just had this conversation with Boobies about potty training. I'm so glad I'm way past it.

That video is disturbing. I'm going a little further with the mom putting that child in that situation in the first place. She was supposed to keep him safe and she didn't by getting together with a crazy drug dealer. Sick!

Thanks for linking up with us today.
Jen M said…
new follower from blog hop friday :)
Anonymous said…
I agree on the potty training thing.

I couldn't watch the video, I'm depressed enough without watching crap like that. I keep wondering what the worlds coming to.
Anonymous said…
You know how I feel about potty training Gah!

I'm in agreement with you on all of your fawk yous actually! I'm trying to pump myself up to watch the's stories like these that not only make me feel insanely violent..but make me want to keep my kids prisoner in our home to keep them safe. Sick bastards.

Jealous females....will forever be. Sad, but true!
Anonymous said…
I just watched half the video...I couldn't do the rest...I felt ill. I hate to pass judgment..but why in the EFF did the woman stay after day one? Ugh..okay, I'm pissed off now.
The bitch is being charged too. She laid on him on the 3rd day of him being beat, she even left the apartment a few times as well as Brandon and she never got any help. She's a piece of shit. Her little sister came to buy some weed and seen her nephew layin life-less in the bed and went to the kids Grandpa and told him.
Hayes is also being charged w/ another child abuse charge for hitting Dominic's brother Tyler (he's 8) and witnessed the whole thing