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Mouthy Music Monday


This weeks theme is Movie Title Songs so I went w/ one of my favorite movies
"Cant Buy Me Love"

Mouthy Mama's Hop and I am the Guest Host..tell me you love it =)

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Do you consider yourself mouthy? Do you often drop curse words, feel the need to bitch, or just say it like it is? Then I have the hop for you! All blogs are rated PG 13 and up, no rainbows and butterflies, just honest and real woman, blog'n. The buttons below belong to the host, so stop by and say what's up.





Kelly said…
Thanks for being our special guest host bia!!!

Love you girl!!!!
sara said…
Great song pick...except I'm going to be singing it all day now!
Happy to do it Kel =)

Thanks Sara Ive had it in my head for days
Anonymous said…
Can't go wrong with picking the Beatles and "Can't Buy Me Love" - I love it! Happy Monday!
SB said…
yay google let me follow. seriously google has been giving me shit with all its slowness. anywho happy to be aboard. love the paper mache, thinkin i will do it with the kiddos.
I'm with Sara, now I'll be singing that song all day, but there are worse things than that! You can never go wrong with singing the Beatles all day.
Thanks for participating in our fun little meme. People like you are helping us grow, THANKS!
SB it was super easy and the kids loved it..can get a little messy but easy to clean up =)

Lorie not a problem. I love music so this is a great meme for me
Charity said…
Lovin' the Beatles!
Xmas Dolly said…
Thanks for joining in on our Monday's Music Moves Me! Love your pic! I remember that one too! My husband has a band, and they do a medley of Beatles songs, so I know this one VERY well. LOL Hope you join us next week to for Freebie week & you can pick whatever song you like! Have a great day, and I hope it rains followers! woo hoo!
X Mas Dolly I will for sure be back next weekend. I write up my post on Thursday for it =)
Crazy Brunette said…
LOVE that song bitch!
Anonymous said…
Happy Mouthy Mama Monday!
Ooh, great song choice! Happy MM!
Dave Moody said…
Thanks for stopping by. That song is done by our band in our medley of the Beatles. Thanks for sharing. Following you now. Xmasdolly still needs more joiners too with her meme Y'all should get together and start a musical train~ lol Have a good night.
Twincerely,Olga said…
classic!!love the Beatles!!!
glad I stopped by
aims said…
heya!! thank you SOOO much for hosting with us!!!!
JamericanSpice said…
I've not heard this one before either. Thanks for sharing.

Definitely can't buy love...just some satisfaction :)
Cakeblast said…
Great choice from one of (if not THE) greatest bands ever - I also love the film, Across The Universe. There is a new movie coming out about John Lennon's younger days, called Nowhere Boy.