MAANGE Eyelashes

Music Monday


This weeks theme is HALLOWEEN SONGS so I went with a classic WILL SMITH AND JAZZY JEFF ( A NIGHTMARE ON MY STREET)


Stacy Uncorked said…
Will Smith is so talented, isn't he? Great choice! :)

MMMM: This is Halloween
Lucinda said…
I love Will Smith...but have never heard this before. Fabulous! Love it.
Xmas Dolly said…
Totally cool! Love your pick. Never heard this one, but Will Smith is awesome. Thanks for playing along. You totally Moooooooved Me. Have a safe Happy Halloween! Let's BOOgie! TAG - I follow you!
Anonymous said…
I can def. hear me in there! ;)
klahanie said…
Great song choice. Is Will Smith recording any music, these days?
Have a peaceful day.
Kind wishes, Gary:-)
I haven't heard anything new but he's little ones are starting careers now. I just seen his daughter on Access Hollywood for a music video =)

Boobies that's gonna me callin ya..lmao
Great pick... such a cute song. I totally love Will Smith, hasn't he come such a long way since this?
Thanks for playing again for Halloween and remember that next week is a freebie Monday.
Hope you have a fun & safe Halloween.