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Post It Note Tuesday-Gymnastic Crap Edition

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I'm also having my 1st Guest post today so find me if you can =)

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EnVii said…
im now following you! found you on CBs blog as the guest blogger!! must say that post was great!
Emma's Lunch said…
Hi! Visiting & following from FMBT.

Thanks if your gonna do it gotta do it big right? Thanks for stoppin by
Kimberly said…
Haha! I had to laugh at the blow out! They ALWAYS happen to moms AND in public places! I remember taking my son to a restaurant for the first time and he exploded out the gross and embarrassing. I had a million old ladies come into the bathroom and they were all ogling over him and how cute he was while I was elbow deep in poop. Ah good times ;)
Happy Tuesday
It was the worst! I paid 20 and the class was only a 1/2 hr so even if I did change her it would have been over when we got back, and well I like to get my moneys worth in this economy =)
Copyboy said…
Found your guest post. whoa!!!
LMFAO I lived a fun and exciting life (before I had kids) Now you see why I homeschool my kids..hahah
singedwingangel said…
Well what good is a blow out if they don't do it in a public place with the barest minimum of facilities to clean it up..
JusFrugal said…
Stopping by from Follow Me Tuesday... hope you have a great day!
She always does it in public places when Im not prepared..always =)
Heather said…
Following from post it note tuesday!! I am tired of wiping my son's ass too. ;)

Heather From and Mommy Only Has Two Hands! and Lynhea Designs
G.M. said…
I hate blow outs!!!! Mine never do it for dad, only me!
For sure I think she does it on purpose, some part of my payback from my mother or
Just stopping by from Follow Me Back Tuesday and following your blog.
That One Mom said…
I remember gymnastics! I used to have so much fun watching my daughter!
Teresa Choplin said…
I'm here from the Follow Me Back Blog Hop. I'm your newest follower, you please follow me back. I am new so please be patient with me, Thanks
Crystal said…
I'm a new follower! Found you on the Follow Me Back Tuesday blog hop! Have a great day!

Kelly said…
Did you delete your FB page? I was looking at my friend's list and your gone.

Public blowouts are the worst!! Before I had my own I was babysitting a friends baby and we went to Big Boy. He had a massive blowout. It was all over the high chair, the floor, him. So I go into the bathroom to change him and his mom did not have wipes or a change of clothes in the bag! I had to cover his behind with 2 bibs! It was nuts!
Anonymous said…
LOL! Loves!

I swear my kids make me sound like my Mom too. Why do they do this to us?
Nicole Bingham said…
Hi, I'm following you back from Follow me back Tuesday, Thought I'd follow your cute blog! Sorry I'm late! Please follow me back @

Thanks, Nicole Mariana