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Kimberly said…
Prayers your way!!!
PS. It's funny you mentioned the leftovers! We left a crock pot out with some yummy chili in it. I feel bad about throwing it out :(
THANKS SO MUCH I could use all the prayers I can get right now..once again THANK YOU
Anonymous said…
Prayers coming your way! I hope everything's okay:)


Di said…
I'll be praying!
I hate it even more when I tell hubby to take the leftovers for lunch and I find them still sitting in the fridge the next day!
singedwingangel said…
Absolutely prayers for you and yours. It will work out whatever it is..
Mighty Jehovah Jireh, Lord you have told us time and again that you and you alone are our provider. Lord I stand here for and with my friend, you know her needs and the things that are weighing on her heart and mind. Lord I ask that you walk with her, let her feel your presence in the coming days and weeks. Give her mind the peace that comes only from you, the knowledge that regardless of what it looks like you have worked it out to her benefit and your glory. I ask this in the mighty name of Jesus Amen
You just made me teary eyed ..THANKS SO MUCH APPRECIATED!!
EnVii said…
Def. praying for you! whatever your going through it will work itself out!

side note.. definitely missing CB in this blogging world!
Evonne said…
I do that with leftovers all the time. And it's always to really good food, too!

I'll keep you in my thoughts.
June said…
There is nothing wrong with cold pizza that sat on the counter all husband never gets sick from it!

Prayers to you.
sara said…
My good thoughts are added in too!

June- My mom is a freak about food and it rubbed off on

Thanks everyone means a lot =)
Prayers are coming your way! I miss CB too.
Kelly said…
I miss me some CB too :/

I left our leftover pizza out last night too. That didn't stop Nick from eating it when he came home on his lunch break.

I'm praying for ya hun. If you need anything let me know!! :)

<3 ya!!!!
Martha said…
Prayers for all of you! <3
Thanks everyone , appreciated =)
Martha said…
I wondered where you went. I didn't even realize it until Adam said that you weren't "friends" anymore. I looked and I said we weren't either. LOL! I hope today's better for you sweetie! <3
Anonymous said…
All my positivity and prayers coming your way!
SB said…
i miss cb too. she fuckin rocked the blogosphere!!