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Saturday Six

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Joining Boobies and Ashlee for some Saturday randomness......

1. Worst movie ever your opinion?
Spider Man..I do NOT like any of them movies. I like movies based on real events and these movies make me wanna poke myself in the eye.

2. A stranger you encounter has toilet paper hanging from their pants..or spinach in their teeth...insert any embarrassing item here...Do you tell them?
No but I do stare at them till they are feelin self conscience and start checkin. Now if this was an elderly person or a child I'd do something but some rude lady comin out of a restroom , no dice. There are rules to certain things.

3. Tell us ONE thing that annoys you. Yes, just one.
Judgemental people. I hate people that "assume" they know you when they don't. I don't like to be grouped in categories cause I'mma diverse person.

4. What's your biggest beef about the opposite sex in general? (Don't be skurred, we won't rat you out.)
They always think they know everything when up against a female. ALWAYS.

5. Would you donate your eggs/sperm to an infertile couple?

Without thinking twice. I've checked into this but the genetics in my family aren't that great.  W/ my cousin and Grandma( Cancer 2 times) having Cancer and my Mom having what they think is something like MS I don't qualify. I would do it any day of the week though.  I couldn't imagine the pain of wanting a child and not being able to have one. There's no greater gift to give someone then that.

6. What's the last book you read?
Bert and Ernie Counting to 10


June said…
Bert and Ernie are definitely good reading material!

Have a great weekend!
Free2bMommy said…
You dont like Spider Man!!! GRRRR!!! hahahaha!! Neither did I, and then the hubby got me all interested like a big dork!

Anonymous said…
Men must be genetically wired to 'know it all.' Seriously!

Props to you for egg donating. Very admirable and selfless...this is where I am a total selfish b#tch. I admit it.
June it's a great

Dee, I hate all them movies, Spiderman, Batman, any other super hero =)

Boobies, they pay you between 5 and 10,000 so it's not all that selfless. I could never do an adoption but sellin my eggs is different to me. They use his sperm, cook the baby for 9 months so to me that's their baby just borrowed my egg =)