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Wordless Wednesday

Hockey season is in full swing. Welcome to Hockey Town


Sippy Cup Mom said…
Oh no, the Wings! Go Blues! ;-)
kt moxie said…
Yay! Another Michigander! Go Red Wings! What night were you at Joe Louis? My hubby is going next Thursday... He is very excited!
We went last Friday for opening night sweeped them 4-0 it was pretty sweet

SCM- It saddens me to hear that but makes me more excited to play and smash them now =)
Kathleen said…
I have never really had the opportunity to get into hockey, but it looks like it would be fun to watch!
You'd love it! The energy is great, it's easy to understand and well they fight so there's a lot of action =)
I've only been to one hockey game ever but it looks like fun!!
I am Harriet said…

Have a great day!
Super fun and I know at the Joe you get chances for the row your sitting in to win free things
sara said…
Woo dudes!
Mommy Lisa said…
With the Wild I got nothin'
Heather said…
Hockey! My husband's second favorite sport behind football!
Happy WW!

Heather From and Mommy Only Has Two Hands! and Lynhea Designs
Anonymous said…
Being born and raised in Southern California hockey never been high on my list. Although I do like watching hockey on TV.
Anonymous said…
Love the violence of hockey!