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Kelly said…
which one did you go to? I want to go check out the one that's on Pawn Stars. It's on 8 mile & Greenfield I think.
My ex and I bought our wedding rings at the pawn shop. I figured all the misery had been worn out of them - I was wrong.

I'm wearing a new ring with my current husband.
sara said…
Am going to check it out now. Craigslist has always creeped me out too!
That One Mom said…
I've never been in a pawn shop. What kind of stuff do they have?
Di said…
I'm planning on buying a laptop at one! $200 for a laptop - SOLD!
Anonymous said…
Start to shop for Christmas then?
Enjoy :)

Hop here from PINT and follow you
Happy Tuesday
June said…
I have been wanting to check out a Pawn shop. Thrifty way to buy gifts.
Ange said…
A friend of mine and I got married (the second times around) on the same day, so we did a lot of wedding planning together. A few weeks before the wedding we decided we would go pawn our old wedding rings together. We tried out a few different shops for pure novelty of it all, and it was not that bad.

Oh, and btw, we sounded like idiots when we went there and we said we wanted to pawn our rings. I guess pawn means that you want to take a loan out, and use them as collateral.
Shell said…
I never thought about trying the pawn shops!
Megan Harmeyer said…
I've never been in a pawn shop, but that's a great idea!
I don't know if we have any decent ones around our area. Did you end up going to the one that has it's own TV show? At least I think that they still have their own show. It was kinda scary though so it was probably in the Detroit hood!

I have sold a few things on Craigslist and have not had any issues with it but it still creeps me out though. You just never know what or who you are going to get!
Hi! I'm your newest follower from FMBT. I must admit to loving the pawn shopping, too. I mainly go to check out the tools and video games. I found some awesome barely used XBOX 360 games last week for $3 each - that includes the tax!
Anisha said…
Hey anywhere there's a deal you can count me in!!!! Thanks for the tip!
Anonymous said…
Loves it!
Def not the one on 8 mile on TV...lmfao cool little place, Kel if you got some old gold, broken or what not. they buy all that and says they pay nice..get the the boys some video games for stockin stuffer's =)