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Saturday 6

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Linking up to my girl Boobies and Ashlee for some randoms Q&A

1. What's the last movie you watched in a movie theater? I watched jackass 3d last night (SOOO GROSS)

2. Share some movies with us that are guaranteed to make you cry.Only movies that effect kids  make me cry

3. What's your personal favorite movie genre? Action and horror..I love the Gangsta movies

4. What's the last flick you watched?
Jackass and Juno when I got home

5. Give us your top 5 favorite movies. ( Scarface,Pretty woman, Dirty Dancin, Carleto's Way, Training Day and Blow  is a good 1 too)

6. Now tell us some of your most hated.. I dislike fake movies like Spider man, Super man, alien movies, love stories and sci fi.. I like movies based on real events =)


sara said…
Ahh Juno...that one has a special place with me. We must have watched that 100 times waiting for Pie to be born.