MAANGE Eyelashes

Saturday 6

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Linking up to my girls Boobies and Ashlee for some randoms Q&A

1.) What is something you do to pamper yourself? Get my hair did =)
2.) What is your favorite day of the week?

Tuesday cause I love my post it notes

3.) What shows are you currently obsessing over?

Haven't had the time for TV  

4.) What are you currently reading or what is the last book you finished? 

The last book I read was one of the kids cant remember what one though

5.) What's on your Christmas wish list?

peace and quiet

6.) What was the highlight and the low point of your week?
O man we'd be here all day..lmao Been a busy busy week


Kelly said…
I want some peace & quiet too!!!
Anonymous said…
I've done the post it note thing.
Adrienne said…
I do love to get my hair done too! I have plans to do that on Tuesday! :) Stopping by from Saturday Six.
Anisha said…
We need to find you some time for Grey's Anatomy!!!!!