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Homeschool Letter N

We took a couple weeks off before Thanksgiving b/c Hev was getting wore out.  Now she is back to being excited and has learned so much the past couple weeks. This week we worked on the letter N, counting objects, and as always all the colors. My sister had dropped off some great books that have been a big help.

Letter Activities

Our Sea of fish letters

Find the Letter

puzzle box

Find the Letter N w/s

Letter N Glue Sheet

N is for nose Winnie The Pooh Letter Book
 Counting Activities

Great Book

Count the M&M's
Creative Learning Activities

The book teaches everything from shapes to reading


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Just Jen said…
I really want to homeschool my boys. It seems like they would learn so much more. Great pictures of all you do!
sara said…
Such good ideas...I love how many ways you present each thing. It hits all the types of learning.
Vivian said…
Newest follower- follow back at

You have a lot of great Homeschool ideas!
TheRockerMom said…
I love all of your activities. I've heard great things about the M&M Counting Book. Thanks so much for sharing!
Anonymous said…
What a fun week! We have that clifford book and love it as well!
Shannon said…
The letter puzzle box looks like something my girls would love! They love to make little cubby holes and tents to play in!
allison said…
Love to see what other preschool homeschoolers are up to. Nice to know we aren't the only one's who get burnt out :)
Love that M&M's book. I will have to get that one. So happy to have found you through the Hop today.