Letter O

This week we worked on the letter 0, counting, and hot & cold.

Letter Activities 

Letter O fish for our Sea of Fish

Letter O Glue Sheet

Letter O Fish Scavenger Hunt
O is for Owl

Counting Activities

Read Chicka Chicka 1,2,3

Sort and count the O fruit loops


Hot & Cold file folder

Creative Learning

Play dough

building blocks

preschool corner


sara said…
Aren't you a clever girl with the o fruit loops! You always come up with the best activities!!
Anonymous said…
What a fun week! I love the fruit loops activity as well :-)
Anonymous said…
We have that Winnie the Pooh book too! I like the hot/cold file folder sort. Great week!
Stopping by from HHH ~ love the activities, looks like a fun week! We are doing a letter of the week this year too and it has been lots of fun. Merry Christmas!